Artist Natalya Morozova: poster of concerts 2021

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Natalya Morozova

Ukrainian singer, songwriter in Ukrainian and Russian. Soloist-vocalist of the Creative Union (Association of Pop Art Workers of Ukraine) (2002). Honored Artist of Ukraine (2013). The girl was born in Nosovka - a small town in the Chernihiv region. From the age of 3 she began to try herself in athletics, thanks to which she looked pretty athletic. When she turned 12, she decided to pursue photography professionally. And it’s not easy, when she had already grown up, the media indicated that the artist had a great sense of style. Morozova began to gravitate towards stage performances when she was already 11. And it all started with the fact that she imitated the tracks of the world famous Madonna and Russian performer Leontyev. Creation And today Natalia Morozova's songs are listened to by many fans and admirers. After a while, the artist sang in the choir, and also participated in school KVN performances, at the New Year's ball, etc. Natalya Morozova presented the program in the best way. When she turned 15, she went to the capital of Ukraine to demonstrate her talent. It was not so easy, but willpower allowed the girl to achieve what she wanted. She did not succeed in entering a music school, and she entered a technical school in electrical engineering, and then at the University of Arts and Culture. In 2004 Natasha began to create the first collection "Not so wrong", which was released in 2005. A year later, Morozova appeared on stage as a professional singer. In 2007, she went on tour with Serov, abandoning the American contract, which was about taking part in the musical. At the same time, the disc "I Love" is presented, behind which a successful lady opens a dance and creative studio. At the onset of 2009, the singer released the third collection "Ran". This includes the track "Shayk", which became a real hit and entered the rating of the best compositions of our time. Also, everyone remembered the video for the song, which was filmed by the girl together with the band "Dazzle Dreams". In 2011, Natasha organized a solo performance, simultaneously recording compositions and poems. She has collaborated with many renowned composers. A year later, she managed to present her fourth studio collection "Angel", and in 2013, in support of the collection, she arranged another solo performance. A year later, Morozova was officially recognized as the People's Artist of Ukraine. A little later, active work begins regarding the recording of the fifth anniversary collection "Lips", which can be safely attributed to the fact that the girl has been engaged in this field of activity for 10 years. When, finally, the year 2005 has come, the singer is already presenting the aforementioned music collection called "Lips", which consists of eleven great hit tracks, most of which admirers and fans have already heard repeatedly. But their peculiarity was that they sounded completely different, in completely different colorful modern arrangements.